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Who is a Psychologist in India?

Psychologists to its core or a basic definition are those who are qualified to understand different behaviours and mental processes via a proper channel of spending time at school completing formal education with degrees in psychology to least a bare minimum of masters or more. In other countries and their provinces/states/counties there are different regulations to hone the respected title of a Psychologist, however, in India -The regulations aren't much defined rather blurred with quite a "thick" line, the only type of psychology that is recognised comes into the category of Clinical i.e. Clinical Psychology and the candidates who chose to pursue their career with the recognition and/or registration of rehabilitation council tends to call themselves as clinical Psychologists and that's really about it as being a Psychologist in India.

What is the difference between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist?

we have written an article on it you can find it here.

However, A Psychiatrist has done and studied his/her MBBS degree and the brain as an organ is their speciality. They have an understanding of neural connections circuitries, the understanding of chemical functioning in the brains and how they interplay, they understand various disorders and causes from a medical point of view. They can also prescribe medication to the individuals who are dealing with mental health disorders


(It's my perspective and in my personal experience - A psychiatrist mostly prescribe medication without listening to the trouble deeply just like doctors or general physicians- I'm not saying everyone is like that but most of the psychiatrists works this way)


on the other hand, a general Psychologist cannot prescribe medication as they complete their BA/ - MA/ then PhD in the field to become a Psychologist.


Psychologists belong to different domains such as neurological, clinical, counselling, aviation, business/industrial/ organisational, military etc. Every branch is different with their different challenges, basically, the common stem between all of them is - they understand why an animal or human behave the way they behave and if they behave abnormally from the regular behaviour then how to fix that particular issue from a cognitive standpoint.

What is the fee of a Psychologist in India?



In my experience practising within the field since 2016, I have noticed a fluctuation in terms of fee structure among psychological practitioners or Psychologists ranging from Rs. 200/- INR for an online session to Rs. 6000/- INR per (In-person) session.


Who is the best Psychologist in Indian Metros


To name a few, Actually, I cannot - India holds a population approx 1.4 billion humans within its subcontinent. which means there are more humans than the united states of America and Britain combined. That too on the unregulated side. As mentioned above- anyone with a pseudoscience degree can call themselves a mental health practitioner as per the mental health act 2017 published by the Government of India and there has been no update on it since then.


Who is a better Psychologist or Psychiatrist?

A Psychiatrist has devoted their life to understanding human or animal physiology and later specialises in the treatment of the brain as an organ. with a clear point of spending approx 7 years of medical school, however, on the other hand, a Psychologist works on the cognitive side of things to improve the thought processes of an individual working towards at least of 4-7 years of university education at the least, if studied through an appropriate school of recognised body.


Both hold equal advantages to the treatment of any mental health illness/disorder and as per the research if an individual is suffering from a particular mental health disorder (as per DSM V) they require both medications as well as cognitive behavioural therapy to cure the trouble.


so to who is better, to simplify both works in an accord with each other to rectify a problem yet, a psychologist is someone who can help with day to day troubles in the areas of counselling, therapy, working on moods, behaviour and thought processes via therapy treatment.

When Should I see a Psychologist?


Living in India is obviously a nightmare in terms of living as per the expectations of either work-related issues or family/private life issues along with dealing with ample confusions in the relation to decision making. As per Selbic, we would strongly recommend arranging a meeting with your local psychologist who can help you in growing further in your life both in work as well as private life and help to clear out your thought process to achieve your goals and live your life as per your expectations for a happier future. Arranging a meeting weekly shall be the goal to hold up to a clear mindset.

Is it better to see a Psychiatrist for Anxiety, Depression or other related illnesses?


It is better to consult a qualified Psychologist to come up with a diagnosis and if it is treatable via therapy through a change in cognitive behaviour up to a median level then a psychologist would be someone to be consulted upfront yet if the problem is long term and persistent then there must be a requirement of a psychiatrist to intervene to treat the trouble with medication.


What can a Psychologist Diagnose?


A Psychologist is well versed with mental health disorders as per ICD & DSM and their approximation to judge the extent to which a person might fall under the normal category or disorder oriented cognitive functioning in either of the cases, a psychologist would help to help the person to alleviate the level of stress and try to control the situation.

How can you tell if someone is mentally unstable?


If you happen to hold the expertise and/or interest in the areas of mental health via legitimate sources of either reading of consuming material associated with mental health, you shall be able to understand or distinguish between a normal and abnormal functioning in behaviour via that means you shall be able to tell if someone is unstable, however, if you do not have any guidance and knowledge about mental health and purely believing at your gut feeling then the chances are you can be wrong.

Are therapists Psychologists?



It varies, a simple difference between a therapist and a psychologist lies within their qualification and training. A therapist could have obtained a diploma or certificate within the area of therapy which comes in handy for example - licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) who is also allowed to practice within a rehab facility in the United States of America however, a psychologist attends a university-level education to achieve the title. yet, Psychologists works in different areas where therapy is not at all required.


All Therapists as not Psychologists and all Psychologists are not therapists.

What is the work of a Psychologist?

A psychologist will talk to you and listen to your problems. He/She will do an interactive conversation with you to understand the cause of mental distress.

Why should someone see a Psychologist?

One should consult a psychologist if facing issues like excessive stress, anxiety or any kind of phobia, anxiety or feeling too low for an unusually long time.

Does a Psychologist prescribe medicines?

No, a Psychologist is not a medical professional specialized in medicines, so he/she can't prescribe medicines. They help in treating mental health issues with counselling sessions.

What kind of diagnosis does a Psychologist do?

A Psychologist can diagnose and counsel for mental health disorders like anxiety disorder, mood disorder, distorted thinking, eating disorder, personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Where does the Psychologist work?

Psychologists can work individually in their own office or with a hospital, medical school or rehabilitation facilities in association with a medical team.

Can I consult a psychologist for depression?

Yes, you can consult a psychologist for depression. He/she will understand the reason for your feeling and help you cope with them. They will suggest you real-life practical ways to overcome it.

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