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Psychological Counseling

  • What is Psychological Counseling ? And why would you require it?

The precise aim to opt for a Psychological Counseling Session is to identify a problem that is currently taking a large chunk  of your life and it is diverting your thought process towards a negative functioning and leading towards the issue/s such as:



  • Over worrying  (Anxiety) 

  • Over thinking.

  • feeling sad due to a recent event in life or it has been a prolonged problem (Depression)

  • Feeling  of distress in work/personal life. (Stressful/Uncontrollable events)

  • Feeling Unworthy/ Loosing Self Esteem.

  • Feeling fearful about any situation in Life.

  • Relationship Issues Pre/Post Marriage.

  • Negative Mindset - Often leading to unsatisfactory relationships/events/expectations.

  • Family Counseling - Creating a vision & Set Goal.    





You require Psychological Counseling to address the above mentioned issues as they create a hindrance in leading a positive life.


These hindrances give birth to unrealistic thought process that promote a vicious loop/cycle of pessimistic lifestyle mostly leading to faulty mindset and devastating outputs hence leading towards a disaster.


The origin such trouble mostly germinates either via genetics #weakgenetics (The problem must have prevailed in your ancestors for a longer period of time) or a severe traumatic past event that you might have faced (The degree may vary) in your life cycle.

To solve these issues - You require to visit a mental health professional (Psychologist) who can further diagnose you with a ailment and work on a proposed plan to solve it, in the course of time. However, If the degree of the problem requires medical assistance then you require a medical professional intervention  with the introduction of medication in the plan.

Most of the times - Problems can be solved without the introduction of medication (Its only required for severe cases) find below more details about mental health conditions and disorders in DSM V.


You can download a copy of DSM V to read further on the disorders.  Download DSM V


To check your mental health well-being you can take various tests to check Click here.

Also, You can book your appointment to meet us personally to discuss your problem.  We would be more than glad to assist you and help you in your journey.  You can book your appointment on clicking the book now tab.

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Why do you require Psychological Counseling  ?

Where to to find a Life coach ? A Psychologist  Near me  in Gurgaon, New Delhi & Noida Look no further, We are near you and always available for your help

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