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                                 Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching and Why do you need it ?

Life Coaching is method of bringing your life on track with legitimate road map to lead with a professional supervision altered exactly as per your expectations and vision.

Life coaching is a service provided via certified life coaches who have dedicated their lives to study the intricacy of various humans and their strategy to move ahead and solve problems as per the challenges those head on with achieving a decided goal. 

Life coaching can be implied on various levels in our lives be it on a Student, Life, Employee and Business.

Selbic provides its services in three areas:

Student Coaching in the form of career Coaching - We take the initiative to work along with student on 1 to 1 basis and help them decide their career options and help them build a road map to walk on it and achieve their desired route.

Life Coaching - We deal with forming strategy and help to vision out a road map to lead a life.  It can also direct towards achieving certain skill set.

Employee Coaching - This service is solely dedicated towards employees of any organization who would like align themselves with the vision and goals of their company and work accordingly under the framework of their work life. This could also mean aligning themselves with the company and achieving a skill set to make the most out of their work life. 

Business Coaching - This service fall under two category - 1. Start-ups owners  2. Established Business owners and/or Leaders, Managers

Simply, this services is dedicated to individuals who vision to build strategy/road map to enhance their ongoing/upcoming project in their current business setting and would like a strategic supervision upon them to keep track of their achievement. 

If you fall under any of these category feel free to reach us on the email, phone numbers provided alternatively you can book an appointment for a face to face meeting.

Where to to find a Life coach ? A Psychologist  Near me  in Gurgaon, New Delhi & Noida Look no further, We are near you and always available for your help

Let's Problem Solve Together

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