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Behavioural science VS Pseudoscience (PSYCHOLOGY)

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

-Tanushka Saini

Today as people are slowly becoming more aware of mental health, there are other things that can cause them more harm than good. As the problems of the human world become more complex, some people have found out new ways to fool others or provide them temporary/instant relief. Lets take up an example, you and your partner are having some problems, and like any person in this age would do, you start surfing the internet, you come across a sponsored ad on a website, that claims to test your compatibility with your partner, or urges you to take a “soul-mate test”. Since you are already there, you decide to humour yourself and take the test. The results are not so positive, and now you have more problems. There is no such thing as a compatibility test.

Humans are dynamic; they will react differently to every situation. You can anticipate the reaction, but it is entirely possible that they do not react in the same way at all. Psychology studies the science behind human behaviour and mental process. They can’t predict the world react future, no one can. They also cannot predict how a person would react until and unless they have studied that person, extensively. Because there can be ‘X’ number of predictions for a ‘Y’ situation. It can be that a person’s past can predict his/her future, but perhaps it won't. But future events can be predicted with a certain certainty if the past events have led to the same result. But still, a person cannot look in a crystal and tell that ‘X’ events have happened in the past and ‘Y’ are going to happen in the future.

So obviously, you cannot believe a test that you took online about how your partner isn’t your soul mate. If you’re having problems, sit down and discuss, as everyone should. Try to understand each other, talk it out. If the problems are going on and on and the odds are never in your favour, then maybe it is time to see a counsellor or a therapist. Therapists can help you if both the parties are committed to understanding the other's point of view and are willing to find common ground. Seeking out help is not wrong. Not just for couples, seeking any kind

of mental health isn’t wrong. Just like your physical fitness, mental fitness holds equal importance.

At Selbic, we don’t promote any fake practices. We aim towards providing easy access to help people who might need it. Beware of false psychological practices like: Graphology Crystal healing Tarot card reading Master healing rainbow Energy healing & research

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