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How do I self-learn psychology?

Before addressing this particular question, I would like you to understand this analogy.

When we go to school, we have been introduced to basics of every subject area that would be useful for us in any walk of life - Be it english, mathematics, physics - You name it. At some form of the other, we utilize the basic principles of them everyday be it decision making, understanding concepts or even interacting with different individuals.

Similarly Psychology is one of the subjects that we start learning from school at least I chose it as a stream - in my 11th & 12th (A-levels). However, having said that I believe everyone should have a little insight about psychology as it is very much related to our daily lives.

Now to answer your question -How I self learn Psychology? Before self learning Psychology as a subject please understand it is “A scientific study of human/animal behavior” - How a living organism would behave as per interacted with different stimuli.

There are various published journals and research papers who publish at least 10–12 research papers quarterly and it has been happening since 1800’s. If you get a chance do go over them with a little google search (Choose google Scholar), which will provide an insight how to approach this particular field of subject to self learn.

However the basics of it you can learn how ?

Observe Various variables around you such as behavior and the cause that is making the organism to react in such way, now be empathic about the situation and try to manipulate and asking your self questions like- If I would be in this situation, how would I react? and what exactly is causing that reaction ? Why not some other emotions are triggered why just this particular ones.

Always try to be mindful about the situation be present in the present and catch yourself thinking of what ever you are thinking and analyze it. It can be a tiresome job and I never said - Psychology is easy! You can always download legitimate research papers and books on the topics and learn more about it however the most important part is generating an interest of being curious about emotions and behavior.

Always remember - as I mentioned it is a scientific study of behavior yet frauds are selling their fake services (With no evidence to truth) such as past life regression, crystal therapy, signature analysis, tarot card read and what not.

Always remember “Psychology is science and science is always evidence based” If you download materiel to read on it over the internet or wherever you learn about make sure the information has been adopted from an authentic source - Do not just believe or take someone’s word for it.

At Selbic - We follow evidence based approach in our practice - be it providing - Training & Development Programs, Selecting & Recruiting in an organization (Evidence based selection process) or providing Life Coaching & Counseling Sessions,

So to learn the field always rely on authentic source.Psychology is an interesting field and it teaches us to understand the behavior of certain individual or even ourselves - I believe everyone should be mindful about their existence and their behavior towards any present situation or stimulus.

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