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Psychological Counselling

We can help you find a better way to look at life

Mental health is a major issue worldwide. The difference in the ratio fraction of the number of people who can help and of the people who need help is very alarming. Dozens of mental health disorders have been identified all over the world but still we have a long way to go. The statistics show that the number of individuals who are experiencing some mental heath disorder continues to grow at a rapid pace. Among the wide magnitude of mental health disorders, depression and anxiety have become the most common.

‘A black cloud following me everywhere I go’ This is what people with Depression usually describe what they feel like. It’s a common disorder with more than 300 million people affected all over the world. Depression isn’t just about being sad, It can make you feel helpless, so much so that everyday chores become too much of a task for you. It is physically taxing to even get up and take a shower because standing up requires energy that you do not either posses or your will doesn’t want you to expend.Depression is often isolating, it is not leaving your room for days, sitting on your bed staring into oblivion and thinking about how no one wants you around. It’s about hiding how you feel, because you don’t want sympathy and neither do you require anyone’s pity. It means not asking for help because the things you need help with are everyday chores. Its being scared that people might say, “Just snap out of it” and you wont be able to explain that you cannot do that because it takes too much energy and they won’t understand.

An unpleasant sense of mental unease, obsession about some uncertain event, this is what Anxiety is. Experiencing occasional anxiety is a normal part of life, but when it hinders with your thoughts you cannot differentiate between panic and restlessness, that is when the problem becomes persistent. But people with an anxiety disorder have an excessive worry and fear about daily life tasks. Your mind prepares yourself for fight or flight response, because it has sensed danger for you while you are buying groceries in the supermarket. Sometimes you might experience apprehension that your breathing might become labored and you might get the feeling in your stomach that you have to throw up. This is called an anxiety attack. Sleeping, eating and concentrating on your work becomes very difficult.

At Selbic, we understand you and your difficulties. We can help you regain control of your life by helping you understand the importance of present by joining bits and pieces of your past and taking full charge of your life. We look into the depressive state of mind, dealing with stressful events related to your work and personal life, relationship issues of pre-married and married couples and family counseling.

Lets start working towards a better life together.

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