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What is considered normal in psychology?

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Psychologist's Perspective.

To understand this question - We need to understand what Psychology is? - It is the scientific study human/animal behavior.

In Psychology we use scientific & evidence based approach to predict or analyze certain kind of behavior stemming from various/ different stimulus. However, having said that I would like to add there are currently so many pseudoscience and philosophical approaches in the field especially at-least where I practice i.e. India.

There are so many false approaches such as tarot card, crystal healing, past life regression, signature analysis for personality and so many others - I just want to say please do not consider them as a part of psychology, they are just false approaches and inviting people to be stuck in a loop of their current mental health most of the times it create troublesome situations for individual and shame the name of the subject.

Normal Psychology is understanding various behavior, reactions to certain events or stimulus.

There are various research journals established to be understood via legitimate research papers. My principle on the domain derive from British psychological society (BPS) & American Psychological association (APA) making it easier to fall under the category of widely studied and existing norms hence making it easier to be understood and be applied to a large number of people.

I hope I’m able to clear the asked question. If you are around Delhi NCR and would like to know more - You can always visit me at my office.

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