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What is the difference between psychiatrist and psychologist?

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

The major difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist is -

A Psychiatrist has done his MBBS degree and brain as an organ being their speciality. They have the understanding of neural connections circuitries, the understanding chemical in the brains and how they functions, they understand various disorders and causes from a medical point of view. They can also prescribe medication.

(Its my perspective and in my personal experience - A psychiatrist mostly prescribe medication without listening to the trouble deeply just like doctors or general physicians- I'm not saying everyone is like that but most of the psychiatrists works this way)

on the other hand a general Psychologist cannot prescribe medication as they completes their BA/ - MA/ then PhD in the field to become a Psychologist.

Psychologists belong to different domains such neurological, clinical, counselling, aviation, business/industrial/ organisational, military etc. Every branch is different with their different challenges, basically the common stem between all of them is - they understand why an animal or human behave the way they behave and if they behave abnormally from the regular behaviour then how to fix that particular issue.

Psychologist with BA and MA understands the qualitative nature of Psychology such as theories and perspective of various cultures and social well-being - Most of the times!

Psychologists with and understand the quantitative nature of psychology stemming from primary research, statistics theories and testing via experimenting or conducting research.

When dealing with severe disorders as mentioned in DSM V (Bible for Psychologists) Psychologist and Psychiatrist works in conjunction to treat the disorder or trouble with medication and therapy together. A psychologist diagnose the trouble and treat it via cognitive behaviour therapy along with medication prescribed by a psychiatrist.

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