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All our services are non-directional in nature meaning – it will be all exclusive to yourself, no going around with benchmarks set by others. Everyone is different with struggles in their respective lives and that required to be understood with the first person’s perspective.


We are here to understand you and provide you with the road map to move ahead and make a positive impression with yourself and people around you. This is our vision & mission to touch the lives of individuals and make it meaningful with a greater impact in the real world that you deserve to make.


Focusing upon the growth of individuals, businesses, and organisations requiring external help in the form of consultation, approaching it with a problem-solving mindset to achieve goals.  


At Selbic, we are inclined towards providing the services that are measurable and tailored according to your requirements enabling your business, organisation and yourself to grow and achieve your desired targets.



You can avail our following services:


  1.  Life coaching/individual coaching The clear vision and direction towards your life, managing change and living a balanced life. This service is open to anyone who is feeling lost or stuck and finding to re-invent  themselves

  2.   Psychological Counselling  We can help you regain control of your life by helping you understand the importance of present by joining bits and pieces of your past and taking full charge of your life. We look into the depressive state of mind, dealing with stressful events related to your work and personal life, relationship issues of pre-marriage and of married couples and family counselling.

  3.  Training & Development We are proud to offer you the training and development programs required for your organisation and employees. We tailor-make each and every program as per your organisational need and area of business expertise.

  4.  Selection & Recruitment   We offer selection & recruitment service to your organisation as per your requirement. We conduct structured interviews of potential candidates those may wish to join your organisation and take it to the next level.  
    Our secret is to filter out individuals with a benchmark that align with your company’s vision and mission and holds the required skills to perform the job role.


Our Mission and focus are to work with different individuals, businesses and organisations that are facing issues with- Growth factor, relating to one's personal life or business. Our main intervention is to problem solve with psychological principles, logic and tools to direct our clients.

At Selbic, we believe in creating result-oriented goals and achieving them through research-based interventions with the right approach and in the right direction.

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Selbic is a one stop solution for your need of growth. We excel in areas such as:

Life Coaching, Psychological Counseling, Training & Development and Selection & Recruitment

for Individuals and Businesses.

Our focus and mission is to work with different individuals, businesses and organisations that are facing issues with- Growth factor.


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Psychologist in Gurgaon - Prashant Das

Services We offer:



Counselling & Coaching

 Psychological Counseling 

For: Open to anyone

Counseling Provided Towards:

  • Depressive Disorder

  • Stress(Work Pressure/Personal Life)

  • Relationship Issues

  • Pr-Marital, Marriage/Divorce/

  • Anxiety/Mood Swings/ Anger Management.

  • Family Counseling

  • Couple Counseling

For: open to anyone

Coaching Provided Towards: 

  • Developing clear vision towards life

  • Direction in life

  • Balancing life

  • Developing self worth, self esteem

  • Managing change

  • Counselling

 Business Coaching 

For:  Businessman, Entrepreneur

Coaching Provided Towards:

  • Attaining personal goals 

  • Performance management 

  • Designing 

  • Launching new setup

  • Development of  brand

  • Enhancing products

 Executive Coaching 

For: Executives, Managers, Supervisors.

Coaching Provided Towards:

  • Attaining personal goals

  • Performance management

  • Developing executive presence

  • Effective conflict dealing

  • Team management

  • Career Development

 Life Coaching 

Business Development Services

 Existing Businesses 

We are focused on taking an initiative to develop your business further and help you grow through our business development (BD) services.


Selbic offers:


  • Strategy building 

  • Problem identification/solving 

  •  Expansion 

  • Applying change


 We are inclined to help you to initialise your business/venture and develop your idea further


Selbic offers:


  • Business Development 

  • Creating a value/brand 

  • Strategy Building 

  •  Positive support

Training & Development Services

 Organisations & Businesses 

We provide training programs in areas



such as:


  • Change Manangement 

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • Leadership Development 

  • Emotional Intelligence 

  • Conflict Management 

  • Time Management

  • Mindfulness at Work

Schools, Colleges & Universities

We provide training programs in areas such as:


  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication skills

  • Sex Education

  • Career Development

  • Conflict Management

  • Time Management

  • Mindfulness


Selection & Recruitment Services

 Hiring us for Recruitment 


Selbic offers the service to hire our qualified and reliable recruiters to work for your organisation to assess and select candidates on your behalf the basis of your requirement and job  description.

Our assessment criteria is purely dependent upon your needs and policies and the type of candidate you require.


We will:


  1. Prepare a measurable report with positives and negative aspects 

  1. Determine the candidate. if s/he is fit for your organisation 

  • Schedule an appointment, conduct a structured interview and assess the  candidate

Psychometric Assessment

Selbic offers state of the art Psychometric assessment and profiling. Accredited with British Psychological Society's (BPS- Level A & Level B) proven to be the best predictors of individual workplace assessment.


Selbic deals with:

1.     Aptitude assessments


A comprehensive portfolio of tests used to measure and predict candidates abilities to work:

  • words (verbal)

  • Numbers (numerical)

  • Systems (diagrammatic)

  • Logical and Detail (abstract)


  2. Personality profiling


A powerful assessment to predict the performance and potential of the candidate.


We provide information on:

  • Personal motives

  • Talent

  • The relationship between candidate and workplace culture.

 Assessment Centres 

We deal with the development of assessment centers for your organisation as per tailored to your work culture and area of business to select the right candidates. 


Selbic deals with:

  • Development of Assessment centers to screen large pool of candidates 

  • Screening candidates 

  • Developing all the activities/exercises from scratch. Considering your area of business and work culture. 

  • Assess the right personalities that correlate the work.

Please note- "our services remain confidential and every detail you share with us is treated with anonymity and confidentiality."

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Meet our Professionals 

Prashant Das


Prashant Das Psychologist
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Prashant is a god in disguise of a man. He saved a life

Thank You!


Prashant is a great listener and he understands the situation keenly. He always have the best and practical approach and solutions to the problems. It's great talking to him. He does a great job.

Thank you Prashant!

Thank you Selbic!


Prashant das sir is really amazing. Helped a lot.

Thank you sir!



Experienced Organisational/Business Psychologist in Gurgaon with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry. Skilled in Adolescent Therapy, Management, Organizational Development, Recruiting, and Social Media. Strong human resources professional. - PhD focused in Organisational Psychology.


Areas of Expertise -

Counseling and Well being Psychology

Psychology in Everyday Life

Biological and Cognitive Psychology

Social Processes and Life span Development

Psychology of Individual Differences

Coaching Psychology

Problem Solving

Occupational & Organizational Psychology

Applied Health Psychology

Cognitive Neuropsychology

Psychology of Mental Health

Research Methods

Employee Relations and Motivation

Organisational Behaviour and Organisational Development

Selection & Assessment

Training & Development

Appraisal & Career Development

Counselling and Individual Development

Design of the Work Environment

Human Machine Interaction

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Ria Gadwani


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Therapies provided: 


Trauma-Informed Therapy Career Counseling Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Dialectal Behavioral Therapy Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy Behavior Therapy Acceptance and Commitment Therapy CBT-I Couple Therapy Existential Therapy Queer Affirmative Therapy Narrative Therapy Guided affective Imagery Solution Focused Brief Therapy Family and Relationship Counseling Parent-Child Counseling.




Certified Career Counselor, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Trauma Informed Therapy Narrative Therapy Dialectal Behavior Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis




1. Mental wellness Counseling (Stress, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Insomnia, OCD, Emotional Regulation. ) 2. Relationship Counseling (Couple Counseling, Premarital Counseling, Breakups, Parenting Skills) 3. Self-Development Counseling (Self-Love, Confidence, Boundary Setting Communication Skills, Soft Skills) 4. Academic Counseling (IEPs Study Skills, Time Management, Career Counseling)

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