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What is Psychology?

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Psychology is a very broad term, and just like the human brain, it is very complex. It includes the study of human behavior, thought, body language, perception, and working of human mind, human emotions and much more. What makes psychology complex is that every human being is different, and so is everything about them, so it covers a broad spectrum of terminologies and studies.

Humans in every situation react differently. Psychologists study human behavior and reaction to stimulus, so that they can gain a better understanding of them. It also gives them special insight about how one would react in a controlled environment and how one would inure in oneself in that situation. It also helps them in learning about human behaviour in a dynamic environment which isn't created but has naturally occured in the person's life.

Society is still having issues in accepting psychologists. There is a taboo against going tothem for help. Human civilization is rapidly advancing, new discoveries are being made even as we speak, but people still think that they are “brain-doctors” and the ones who visit them are crazy or retarded. They still aren’t ‘woke’ about mental health. People have this pre-conceived notion that a psychologist is a person sitting at the other side of the table and listening to one go on about one’s messed up childhood. Although, there is some truth to it, this is not all what psychology is about or what the work of a psychologist is. These misconceptions about the subject inform us that our society still lacks understanding and open-mindedness.

Mass media also plays a very important role in feeding and enraging these stereotypes against psychologists. In films, they are shown as people, who would solve complex crimes and help catch a serial killer. This can also be the effect of how vast the field actually and/or the broad branches/specialization a psychologist has to choose from, and how there is hype about only one or two fields in this gigantic subject.

In books as well, psychologists are portrayed as people who would help fulfill the other person his/her destiny, like they’re some wizards who would sway their wands and then bam! The problem is solved. The true image of their work and finesse is never depicted. Their work isn’t simple or easy.

Psychologists just don’t study mental disorders or abnormal behavior. Their work isn’t limited to that. They :-

1. Also study human thought processes and topics such as attention, memory, decision-making and one’s problem-solving ability.

2. Also help you come to the answer of your problem by not solving it for you, but by helping you unclog your brain and coming to the conclusion by your own.

3. Help you realize your abilities.

4. Help you develop as a human and as a person and they help you achieve your full potential.

5. Can also apply their research and help in the criminal justice system.

6. Can also help an organization conduct interviews by setting up questions relating to their company and then help the organization choose from the prospective candidates.

Psychology is also very interesting and important. It talks about our language, our perception, and the intimate aspects of our lives. It talks about our brain and our body language. It’s about our dreams, aspirations and how when hope is lost, there is chance to gain it back. It’s about our sense of right and wrong, it’s about sadness and it’s about happiness. It’s about all our emotions and about everything that matters to us. Its about everything that unique to us.

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